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2013-07-30, Neill from Worcester

Russ helps manage my desire to balance a busy life of family / friends, work, and sport (swim, bike, run) and have fun in all of them!  This involves a life of very early starts to get my daughter prepared for the day, plenty to achieve at work, and then one or two sport sessions in the evening to get me ready for the GB Age Group Triathlon team and / or Ironman races.  All in all, it does not leave much time for rest. 


Russ applies his massage skills a couple of times a month to keep my body maintained for those training sessions I enjoy and don't want to miss through injury.  Russ has a real interest in what he does and has that typical can-do attitude that is essential in life.


2013-05-28, Sam from Stourport

I feel privileged as an athlete to be treated on a regular basis by Russell.  Training over 12 hours a week as a GB Triathlete can have a real toll on my body and Russ's knowledge and expertise has been essential to my training and racing.  He has helped my muscles to recover quicker, prevented injuries through regular maintenance massages, given advice on stretches and training to help me get the most out of my muscles and also, in the lead up to the European Duathlon, treated a tight calf and used kinesology taping so that I could not just finish, but be in with a real shot of being on the podium.  Russ really cares about his clients and is both professional and personable.
2013-01-31, Dan from Worcester

To compete at an international level (Great Britain Duathlete) training long hours is critical, putting in the hard work and gaining the maximum out of a session is essential. Looking after my body and preventing the onset of injuries through training is something of vital importance and maintaining my body is imperative to ensure my body recovers sufficiently and is ready for my next session, I do this through a weekly Sports Massage with Russell. His treatments make sure that any tight and sore muscles are able to recover, maximising the gains from sessions. This maintenance is key to me pushing towards my goals and increasing my chances of success.


2013-01-30, Charlotte from Worcester

I had been suffering from chronic upper back, neck and shoulder pain for some time and it started to impact my everyday life and sleeping was difficult. This was caused by my posture at work and driving position. Initially I tried acupuncture but it only provided short term relief so I decided to give Remedial Massage a go.  Improvement was evident after just a couple of treatments but after a few more visits, and some changes in my posture at work, my symptoms have disappeared. Russell is a knowledgeable and a very competent therapist and I would highly recommend him.